How Do You Put in Brown Hair Extensions?

How Do You Put in Brown Hair Extensions?

Applying hair extensions is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes depending on the amount of hair being added. In order to put in your hair extensions, you will need the hair extensions, clips, shampoo, a hair dryer and a comb,

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly

    Wash your hair vigorously before beginning this process. It is important that your hair is clean and prepared to receive the extensions. However, it is also important for your hair to be dry. Use the handheld hair dryer to blow your hair dry after washing it with shampoo.

  2. Prepare a track of hair

    Clip your hair up so only a small patch of hair across the back of the neck remains, about 1 inch in size. Comb the hair at the scalp so that it becomes easier to secure your hair extension clips into place. If this clump of loosened hair remains, you will not be able to move the hair extensions into place.

  3. Clip the hair extension into place

    Apply clips as close to the scalp as possible. There will be additional clips to secure onto the side of your head. Do this without moving too far off of the track.

  4. Repeat until you achieve the look you want

    Use the rest of the hair extension clips in the exact same way until you have reached the length and fullness of hair that you desire.