How Do You Put on Bronzer?

To apply bronzer, prime your skin with a foundation that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Use a bronzer brush to trace the bronzer along your forehead, cheek bones, and jaw line. Finish with a shimmer bronzer.

  1. Choose the right foundation and bronzer

    Select a foundation that is a shade darker than your skin tone to prevent the bronzer from appearing too dark on your skin. Use a bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin tone.

  2. Apply the bronzer

    Using a bronzer brush or blush brush, sweep the bronzer along both sides of your face, making the number three. To do this, start with the brush at the top of your forehead, move it along your hair line, and then move it inward over your cheek bone. Keep the brush on your skin, and sweep it outward toward your ear, and trace the bronzer over your jaw line, stopping at the chin.

  3. Complete the look with a shimmer bronzer

    Gently blend the bronzer into your skin and neck, and dab a small amount of shimmer bronzer under your cheek bones and along the bridge of your nose. Use your fingertips or a makeup applicator to softly blend the shimmer bronzer.