How do you put on a boutonniere?


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Put on a boutonniere by using a pin to secure the boutonniere to the suit jacket. The boutonniere should always be placed on the left side of the jacket.

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  1. Position the boutonniere

    Position the boutonniere on the left lapel of the jacket, tilting the flower side upward and the stem side downward. Hold the boutonniere in place with one hand.

  2. Pin the boutonniere

    Lift the lapel away from the jacket, and use your free hand to stick the pin through the back of the lapel and the boutonniere stem. The pin should be angled away from the body.

  3. Secure the boutonniere

    When the pin is pushed through the stem, angle the pin down, and carefully push it through the lapel. This action should resemble sewing a stitch, and it helps hold the boutonniere in place.

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