How Do You Put on Blush?

How Do You Put on Blush?

To apply blush, select the right blush formula, smile, and dab or brush the blush only onto the apples of your cheeks. Blend the blush naturally into the surrounding foundation or skin, and top with a translucent face powder. Always apply blush after foundation, eye makeup and lip color.

  1. Select an appropriate blush

    Choose a shade of blush that matches either your lip color or your cheek color when you are flushed. For dry skin, pick a cream blush. For combination skin, choose powder. If you have oily skin, choose either a powder, liquid or gel formula.

  2. Apply foundation, eye makeup and lip color

    Apply the blush near the end of the makeup routine. Put it on second to last, just before the applying translucent finishing powder.

  3. Put the blush on the applicator

    Brush a full size makeup brush over powder blushes. Dab cream, liquid and gel blushes onto your middle finger.

  4. Smile

    Smiling helps you identify the apple of your cheek. This round part of the cheek is where the blush goes.

  5. Brush or dab on the blush

    Brush or dab the blush onto the apple of your cheeks. Smooth the blush to blend it with the surrounding skin or foundation.

  6. Add a top coat of translucent powder

    For a natural finish, sweep translucent powder over your cheeks with a large makeup brush.