How Do You Put Beads at the End of a Hair Braid?

To put beads at the end of a hair braid, you need beads, a beader and some rubber bands. Load the beader with the beads. Thread the end of the braid strand through the beader, and push the beads through the strand. Secure the end with a rubber band.

  1. Braid the hair

    Make sure that the ends of the braid strands are thin enough to pass easily through the beader, and that all the braids have roughly the same length and thickness. This contributes to the overall look of the braids once the beading is done.

  2. Place the beads onto the beader

    Load the beader with the desired number of beads.

  3. Thread the beader with the braid strand

    Place the end of a braid strand through the eye of the beader.

  4. Transfer the beads onto the braid strand

    Push the beads toward the eye of the beader. Fold the hair strand over the end of the beader as you push the beads, then let go of the folded portion in order to push the beads completely onto the hair. Pull the beader away from the braid.

  5. Secure the ends

    Use a rubber band at the end of the braid to secure the beads in place.