What Is the Purpose of Skin Refinishing?

What Is the Purpose of Skin Refinishing?

Skin refinishing refers simultaneously to a dermatological technique for skin care and to over-the-counter products that purport to achieve the same result, which is to remove dull and dead surface skin cells. The technical term is "dermabrasion."

Dermabrasion, or skin refinishing, entails the gentle application of a rapidly rotating wire brush or a diamond wheel with rough edges to the skin of the facial and neck area. The brush abrades, or scrapes, the skin, removing the uppermost part of the epidermis and causing the skin to bleed.

New skin grows and replaces the damaged older skin. The process promotes even skin tone in patients with scarring from acne, surgery, trauma, tattoos and wrinkles. Softer, velvety skin is another possible benefit.

In recent years, several cosmetic and cosmeceutical companies manufactured creams and lotions that purport to recreate the effects and benefits of dermabrasion, but to a lesser degree and over a longer period of time. One such company is Artistry, whose skin refinishing lotion potentially enhances the skin's natural exfoliation process while reducing pore size.

For best results in approximately 12 weeks, apply the skin refinishing lotion twice daily after cleansing the neck and face of all oil, dirt and makeup.

Other skin refinishing lotions on the market include M2 Skincare High Potency, Clinique Total Turnaround Visible Skin Renewer, Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher and Arbonne NutriMinc RE9 Hydrating body lotion.