What Are Some Punk Rock Hairstyles for Long Hair?


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Dying long hair is a simple way to achieve a punk rock look. Common punk rock colors are bright red and black. Purple, green, white, blue or even a mixture of colors can also be used to achieve a punk rock look.

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A person does not need to dye all his hair to achieve a punk rock look, as adding highlights or dying just a small section of the hair is also effective. Shaving one or both sides of the head can also create a punk rock look. Dramatic cuts, such as long locks punctuated with short crown layers or one side cut shorter than the other, can also help a person achieve this look.

For less permanent solutions, long hair can be styled for a punk rock look. One way is to tease hair into a faux bedhead look. Another way is to create a pointed Mohawk style. Individuals can also make a bow out of their hair or braid back the hair on the sides of the head and tease the top. Individuals can also pull their hair back into a ponytail, dye the ponytail a bright color, and then tease the hair in the ponytail to create a punk rock look.

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