How Do You Protect Your Hair From Heat Styling?

How Do You Protect Your Hair From Heat Styling?

Heat styling is tough on hair. To protect your tresses from heat damage, you need a gentle shampoo, a nourishing conditioner, a wide-toothed plastic comb, a soft towel, a round hairbrush, a heat protectant spray, a ceramic hair iron and a blowdryer with a diffuser attachment.

  1. Wash and condition your hair

    Heat styling protection begins in the shower. Use a gentle shampoo without harsh clarifying ingredients, then rinse your hair thoroughly and apply a nourishing conditioner. Leave the conditioner on your hair for at least five minutes before you rinse.

  2. Remove excess water

    Wrap your hair in a towel and squeeze out excess moisture. Do not scrub your hair with the towel.

  3. Comb your hair

    Unwrap the towel and set it aside. Comb your hair with a sturdy, wide-toothed plastic comb. Your hair is very vulnerable when it is wet, so use gentle strokes.

  4. Apply heat protectant spray

    Spray your hair with a heat protectant spray. Concentrate on the ends and on brittle, dry or otherwise damaged areas. Comb your hair and apply more spray if you wish.

  5. Blowdry your hair

    Place the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer. Hold the dryer above your head so the hot air flows over your hair from the roots to the tips. Lift each section of your hair with a round brush so the hot air penetrates down to the roots.

  6. Preheat your hair iron

    Plug in your hair iron and select the hottest temperature setting. When the iron is ready to use, reduce the heat to the lowest setting.

  7. Iron swiftly

    Reduce the risk of scorched hair by using your iron swiftly. Do not let the appliance remain in one place for more than several seconds.