What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Hair Laser Comb?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Hair Laser Comb?

The advantage of using a hair laser comb is having a drug-free hair regrowth device available at home, in a small size that makes it handy and easy to use and is a cheaper option than similar laser treatments in salons and spas. There are no disadvantages to using a hair laser comb.

A hair laser comb is a drug-free option for treating hair loss. According to Natural News, lasers have actually been used for hair regrowth treatments for over 18 years already, but the laser comb is the first handy tool that can be used at home. Other hair laser treatments require the use of huge devices and must be used at a clinic, which can cost a large sum of money.

The laser comb is a low-level laser device which you hold and brush through your hair. It emits gentle, red beams of light which encourages the follicle to restart its growth phase and produce a new hair. Hair Loss Talk reports that this device was first approved by the FDA in late 1990s.

Shedding hair is typical during the first few months of any reliable hair loss treatment, Hair Loss

Talk explains. .This shedding of hair confirms the theory that the follicles shut down for a while and then start to grow new hair.