What Are Some Pros and Cons of Popping Zits?


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The pros of popping zits include clearing up the unsightly acne and helping to prevent future breakouts. However, when a person conducts the procedure unprofessionally, some of its cons include serious risks such as making the acne problem worse, getting a bacterial infection and scarring.

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The best time to pop a zit is when it has turned into a white head. A white head indicates that the zit has fully matured and that its contents can be extracted safely without risking pushing some of them deeper into the skin. It is not recommended to pop, squeeze or pick zits with bare hands as they may contain bacteria. Hygiene is essential in ensuring that a person fully realizes the pros of popping a zit. Having the procedure handled by a professional such as a dermatologist or a trained aesthetician is the only way to avoid the risks involved in popping zits.

Squeezing, popping or picking pimples whenever they appear may seem like a viable solution, but it can result in adverse skin issues that may be very expensive to treat or that may last a lifetime. Visiting a dermatologist of aesthetician may seem expensive, but it is relatively secure and inexpensive in the long run.

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