What Are the Pros and Cons of Gluing in Hair Extensions?

Gluing in hair extensions creates a long-lasting hold that can seamlessly provide the look of longer, fuller hair, according to Hair Care Mania. However, with this high quality comes an expensive price tag of up to $1000 as of 2014, and the entire process typically takes upwards of three hours to complete in a salon.

Glued-in extensions are safe to use on natural hair and the scalp because they use a keratin medium to attach the extensions to the scalp, according to Hair Care Mania. Fusion bonding is the name of the process that involves gluing in hair extensions using either a hot or cold bonding method to attach artificial hair to the base of the natural hair. There are a wide variety of colors, lengths and textures of extensions available. When prebonded extensions are used, they can last for up to six months at one time. Once completed, it is possible to style extensions in the same way as natural hair.

One detraction from this type of extension is that they must be removed in a salon by a professional possessing the proper loosening tool to do so, according to Hair Care Mania. Oil-based hair products should be avoided once extensions are applied, as this can cause them to become loosened or detached. Excessive blow drying should also be avoided for the same reason.