What Are Some Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions?


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Pros of eyelash extensions include the fact that they help to save time and money on mascara, as they do not need to be reapplied and removed. The materials used in the extensions are safe and people can choose the exact look that they want. Cons of eyelash extensions include the expense and maintenance. People with eyelash extensions must avoid oil-based skincare products and be careful when washing the face so that the extensions are preserved.

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What Are Some Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions?
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Putting on and taking off false eyelashes every day can be detrimental to the natural lashes, whereas getting eyelash extensions is a one-time process. If the extensions are not applied correctly, however, they can cause the eyelashes to break and cause irritation. It is important that the technician applies each extension individually, rather than attaching them in groups.

Some people may have a reaction to the extension glue. There should be no discomfort at all while the extensions are being attached, so a burning sensation or other discomfort may mean the glue needs to be changed. Reactions to the glue are extremely rare.

People planning to keep the extensions permanently should plan to have them maintained every two to four weeks, which increases the cost involved. If the extensions are not refilled, they fall out on their own over the course of approximately two months.

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