What Are the Pros and Cons of Bleaching Facial Hair?

On the plus side, bleaching facial hair is cost effective, simple and generally pain free. On the other hand, it's ineffective for certain hair types, it can bleach darker skin tones, it doesn't leave skin smooth and hairless, and the results are relatively short-lived.

At-home bleaching kits are inexpensive and are sold at most drug stores. They are simple to use, and since bleaching can be done at home, this method is also convenient. Because it doesn't involve plucking, stringing or waxing the hair away, bleaching is typically a pain-free alternative to removing unwanted facial hair although some find the mild tingling sensation uncomfortable.

Bleaching certain hair types is not as effective as hair removal. It doesn't disguise long or thick hair, and the contrast of lightened hair with darker skin tones is equally noticeable. People with darker skin tones have the added risk of bleaching the skin around the hair, and this discoloration lasts about three days.

While bleaching lightens facial hair, the effect only lasts as long as it takes the hair to grow away from the surface. Since the hair remains, it may still be visible in certain lights, particularly in a bright room or in a sunny setting.