How Do You Properly Take a Shower?

To properly take a shower, wash while standing or sitting in a shower seat under running water inside the shower stall. Make accommodations for any person who is unable to shower alone without injuring himself.

  1. Gather items for showering

    Decide whether to use a washcloth, loofah or sponge to help wash the body. Also, choose soap, body wash or gel to lather up and clean the body. Place the items within reach before starting to shower. Set out a towel and a change of clothes to use when the shower is done.

  2. Stabilize the temperature

    Adjust the temperature in the room so that it is warm when you exit the shower. Start the shower, allowing the water to get warm but checking to make sure it is not too hot. Those who are either very young or very old have thinner skin, and the chances of them getting burned are greater at higher temperatures. When the temperature is right, enter the shower.

  3. Wash and rinse the body

    Sit or stand in the shower after closing the shower curtain. Wash and rinse the body, and ask for assistance if needed. Turn the shower off, and dry yourself off with a towel.