What Is the Proper Way to Darken One's Eyebrows?

Those who are unsatisfied with the appearance of the their eyebrows can darken their brows using dye, or by filling in the brows with pencil, eyeshadow or another suitable makeup product that can be realistically made to mimic the appearance of brow hairs. Dyeing the brows should be done with extreme care due to close proximity with the eye; this is a semi-permanent method of darkening the brows that is suitable for those who don't want to use makeup. Using makeup is a much more temporary fix for brows that are too light, and is a good solution for those who are experimenting with a new look.

Filling in the brows is a good solution for those who want to both darken and control the shape of the brows. This is also a good solution for those whose brows are thin or patchy. Dyeing the brows will not solve the problem of patchiness or thinness, so filling in the brows may still be necessary.

In order to safely dye the eyebrows, a small amount of dye should first be applied carefully to the inside half. This should be left for a few minutes longer than the outside half of the brow. The outside edges of the brow should be carefully cleaned up to ensure the dye doesn't stain the skin.