How Do Professionals Thread Eyebrows?

A professional aesthetician threads eyebrows by twisting a length of thread into a double strand, then using the strands of thread to pull out targeted hairs along the brow line. Eyebrow threading is an alternative to waxing and plucking the hairs.

In eyebrow threading, a piece of thread, usually made from cotton, is twisted in the center to effectively form a trap for small hairs. The aesthetician presses the strands of thread against the skin of the person receiving the treatment. The thread is pulled horizontally across the brow area, at the outer edges of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow hairs that are growing along the edges of the brow become caught in the twisted area of thread and are pulled out as the thread moves across the face. In this way, threading is faster than plucking because the aesthetician removes multiple hairs at once. The process is also a good choice for people who are sensitive to waxing products.

Threading removes eyebrow hairs by the follicle; therefore, the hairs generally take two weeks or more to grow back. Pulling out the hair at the follicle weakens the root of the hair over time, so the hair becomes sparser when it grows back.