What Are Some Professional Tips for Putting on Makeup?

What Are Some Professional Tips for Putting on Makeup?

Professional makeup artists suggest to start applying makeup by first preparing the skin with a good moisturizer and tinted primer for a healthy glow. Next apply any blush, bronzer and highlighter underneath foundation for a more natural look. Set the face, especially the T-zone, with a very light dusting of high-definition powder. Then apply foundation with a damp beauty blender for flawless application.

For eyebrow makeup, professionals suggest using a pencil or brow brush in thin, light strokes in the direction of eyebrow hair for a natural brow look. Set the eyebrow pencil with a texturizing brow gel.

To make eyes appear larger, apply lighter eye shadow shades on the eyelid, and blend the color up from the inner corner of the eye towards the inner part of the eyebrow. Apply nude eyeliner on the inner water line to make them appear larger. Then apply eyeliner with a classic wing at the end to make the eyes appear open and longer.

For lips, makeup artists recommend applying liner around and on the entire lip before applying lipstick. Then after a light layer of lipstick, blot, apply translucent powder over the top, and then apply lipstick again to make it last longer.

Professional makeup artists also suggest paying attention to color theory and the color wheel when selecting colors to complement skin tone and eye color.