What Are Some Products That Promise to Make Skin Pore Free?


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Skin cannot be pore free because pores allow sweat and dirt to release from the skin. However, there are many products that boast pore-minimizing or pore-refining aspects.

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No product claims to remove pores. Pores are on the skin and simply cannot be removed. Many beauty products offer to shrink pores. This is not possible but they can minimize the appearance of deep pores. Products with zinc will help keep the pores small. Any product with rosemary or lavender will also soothe the skin and protect the pores from inflammation. However, pores enlarge in time and cannot go back to their previous state. Facial pores can shrink and open when dirt or debris is clogged in the skin causing blackheads and whiteheads. Having a clean face is the best way to make pores less noticeable.

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