What Are Some of the Products Offered by Premier Jewelry?

Some of the products offered by Premier Jewelry are gold plated necklaces, bracelets in a variety of designs and materials, and clip-on and pierced earrings. Other products include the Kaleidoscope necklace and bracelet set, the Nova earrings and the Keep It Personal charm series.

One of Premier Jewelry's popular products is the silver Chain Reaction necklace. This item is featured in a couple of different styles and is a high seller for the brand. Another popular Premier Jewelry product is a statement piece, the multi-strand clear glass choker necklace. Premier Jewelry's Blue Stone Silver Tone Moon necklace is another popular product.

Premier Jewelry's products also come in simpler designs, such as the Organic necklace in black, the White Linen necklace, the Trendsetter Matte Silver Gold necklace and the Red Beaded Tango necklace. Other pieces include the Curtain Call necklace, the Grand Entrance necklace and the Arabian Nights necklace.

Premier Jewelry's Petite Hostess tennis ankle bracelet in gold has been a big seller, as has the Ombre bracelet set. As for earrings, the gold brown Crystal Dangle pierced earrings and the Eden Drop Dangle earrings are top sellers.

Premier Jewelry is a direct sales company that was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1985. Its jewelry line features over 500 products.