What Are Some Products From the Nutri-Ox Hair Line?

What Are Some Products From the Nutri-Ox Hair Line?

Products from the Nutri-Ox hair line include the Dry Scalp Conditioner, Hair and Scalp Nutrient, Conditioner for Chemically Treated Hair, Conditioner for Normal Hair, Dry Scalp Shampoo, Cleansing Shampoo and Starter Kit for Color Treated Hair. Nutri-Ox, which is a brand distributed by parent company Naturelle, offers a line of volumizing and thickening products for thinning hair. In addition to shampoos and conditioners, Nutri-Ox offers hair vitamins, nutrients and more for comprehensive hair care.

Nutri-Ox products contain a combination of Vitamin B6 and Biotin, along with many vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. Most Nutri-Ox products are marketed as part of a system, which includes multiple Nutri-Ox products designed to mitigate a specific problem.

An example is the Noticeably Thin, Normal Hair System. This pack includes a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment designed to add thickness and fullness to hair in the beginning stages of thinning. This system is designed for hair that is not colored or chemically treated.

Nutri-Ox products target natural hair, and also cover the needs of women with colored, thinning hair. An example is the Extremely Thin, Chemically-Treated Hair System. This pack includes a cleansing shampoo, lightweight conditioner and rich leave-in treatment that adds moisture and fullness without altering color.

Nutri-Ox products also include systems such as the Dry Scalp and Ampli Max, which restore health and vitality to hair regardless of whether it is colored or chemically treated, according to Nutri-Ox.