What Products Make Hair Smell Good?


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There are several products that can be used to make hair smell good all day long. Perfumes, body sprays and hair products are three effective ways to add fragrance to the hair.

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Lightly spritz body spray or perfume on the hair for a long-lasting, pleasant fragrance. Avoid hair roots when using these products on the hair, as both contain alcohol. Using pleasantly scented shampoos and conditioners are another way to keep hair smelling good. Be sure to choose a fragrant conditioner that leaves a long-lasting scent on hair. Using a leave-in conditioner with a pleasant scent also keeps hair smelling good for a longer period of time.

Avoid using hair products that carry unpleasant smells. When straightening or curling hair, use a heat protectant with a favorable scent. This product also stops hair from burning, which may cause unpleasant odors to remain on hair. Sprays for shine or detangling are also available in great scents. Try aromatic hair oils to infuse the hair with fragrance.

Be sure to wash hair regularly to avoid odors due to sweat and dirt. Apply lemon juice to hair and the scalp before showering. Wash the lemon juice out before getting out of the shower.

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