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Tribal Inc. is a women's apparel manufacturer that produces a line of sportswear, including tops, jackets, skirts and pants. The company makes a speciality line of jeans in a variety of fits and styles.

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Tribal Inc. was founded in 1976 and initially made women's trousers. The business is now a wholesale supplier of thousands of apparel stores in Canada and the United States. Tribal Inc. presents its inventory in complete outfits on its website. The company's 2015 collection includes subcategories such as Lavish Hues, Fall Mosaic, Enchanted Forest and Off the Grid.

Among its collection of tops are sweaters, vests, blouses and cardigans. Pants include leggings, trousers and a variety of jeans in different styles, including some with a tummy-flattening element.

Tribal's apparel catalog also includes jumpsuits, jackets and skirts. The company doesn't manufacture accessories or shoes. Previous year's collections are not archived on the company's website, but some of these products are shown on third-party websites.

Reviews of various items on Amazon vary, with some reviews praising the versatility of the clothing while another claim the brand doesn't have sizing consistency.

As of October 2015, the company doesn't offer online ordering. Tribal Inc. is based in Montreal, Quebec, and has showrooms in Canada and the United States.

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