What Are All the Products That Chi Hair Product Sells?

Chi, a line of products manufactured by Farouk Systems, offers hair care products, hair care tools and hair colors. The line includes seven different hair care solutions, three different groups of colors, brushes, hair dryers and styling irons.

Hair care solutions from the Chi line include Chi Infra, Chi Argon Oil, Deep Brillance and Chi Keratin. These systems include products meant for cleansing, conditioning, damage treatment, protection and color conditioning. Also included in hair care solutions are Royal Treatment, Style Illuminate and Magnified Volume. These systems are intended for styling and include hair sprays, volume foams, finishing sprays and shine sprays.

Color treatments available from Chi include its Chi Chromashine, Chi Chromashine Bold Color and Brightest Blond options. Chi Chromashine is a demi-permanent color treatment with added conditioners. Color options include 12 different bright pastels. Chi Chromashine Bold Color uses the same base as the Chromashine system, but intensifies eight of its pastel colors. Blondest Blond is a lightener that comes in a cream base or powder.

Chi offers 15 brushes including ceramic brushes with hair picks, air-cushioned paddle brushes and vented brushes. The product line includes three dryers, each with diffusers. It offers seven styling irons, including curling and flat irons, a wave iron and an iron with removable rods.