What Products Are Best for Black Hair Growth?


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The best products for black hair growth are deep conditioner, coconut oil, essential oils, Dr. Miracle's Temple and Nape Balm, and boar bristle brushes. Each of these products provides the necessary nutrients to promote hair growth.

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Deep conditioner is the best way to hydrate black hair, which is brittle by nature and breaks easily when not properly maintained. It is best to apply the conditioner from the scalp through the entire length of hair and then leave the conditioner under a heat cap while drying it with a hair dryer. The heat helps the conditioner penetrate the hair, leaving it fully moisturized with a boost of elasticity. Coconut oil is a preservative and chemical-free product used to moisturize black hair. It is easily absorbed and should be applied to both the scalp and hair.

Essential oils such as rosemary, sage and lavender are commonly used to maintain a healthy scalp. They can be applied to the hair and rinsed as a conditioning treatment or left on the scalp at all times. When left on the scalp, essential oils stimulate the hair follicles to promote hair growth. Dr. Miracle's Temple and Nape Balm is a product aimed at reducing hair loss. It should be applied to areas that are prone to hair loss via hair breakage. Boar bristle brushes are the best brushes to use on curly black hair. The strong bristles distribute oils from the scalp through the hair and break up product build-up occurring on the scalp. It is important to brush hair at least once a day.

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