What Is the Process for Registration of a Brahmin Handbag?

To register a Brahmin handbag, the owner must go to the company's website and create a username and password in the Handbag Registration section listed at the bottom of the homepage. During the process, the customer enters the information on the type of bag and its place of purchase.

For registration of a handbag, the company requests consumers provide personal information such as their names and addresses. It is important to provide correct information at this step since the company ships warranty replacement items to the address provided during registration. Customers verify their email addresses twice during the process to make sure they are correct. After email verification, the registration page directs back to the website's homepage. Customers can then log into their accounts with their username and password.

The account allows consumers to check the time left on the warranty for the product. Customers can also redeem reward points and get special offers for upcoming sales. Live chat support is available to handle a variety of questions, such as help with repairs or finding a store's location. The company requires the customer to pay for shipping and handling when bags need repair under warranty and does not reimburse for the additional cost.