Does Proactiv Really Work?

The acne medication Proactiv has been helpful to some people, and is more likely to be effective if the person has mild to slightly moderate acne. Proactiv, while not available widely in stores, is still an over-the-counter medication, and has not been reported to be helpful in treating heavily moderate to severe acne.

Like other over-the-counter acne medications, Proactiv contains active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid. Benzoyl peroxide is the most common ingredient in acne-fighting medications, and is effective at treating mild outbreaks of acne. Some Proactiv products also contain sulfur, which is a good agent for the reduction of oil on the skin and the cleansing of pores. recommends trying Proactiv if soap and water and salicylic acid has not been helpful. Proactiv may also be a good choice if the person seeking treatment is looking for a complete skin cleansing kit, as Proactiv does contain a toner, cleanser and treatment lotion.

The use of Proactiv is not recommended if the affected person has been using other over-the-counter acne medications containing benzoyl peroxide and has seen no improvement. Those with moderate to severe acne should seek the help and advice of a dermatologist who can potentially prescribe prescription-strength medication.