How Does the No!No! Pro Work?

How Does the No!No! Pro Work?

The No!No! Pro hair removal device transmits heat into the hair by means of a thermodynamic wire. The heat crystallizes the hair, which then falls away. The heat-based technology that singes the hair is called Thermicon.

No!No Pro features a patented thermodynamic wire and built in safety features, including red and blue flashing lights to indicate when the device is being used properly.

The user glides the No! No! Pro over the skin, illuminating the blue light that indicates that the No!No! Pro is working. When the thermodynamic wire comes in contact with the hair, thermal transference conducts a pulse of heat to the hair, which then crystallizes.

The process is painless and gives the user a sensation of gentle warmth on the skin. The No!No! Pro is approved for use on all areas of the body except for breasts and genitals. The device works on both men and women. It also works on all types of hair, although long and coarse hair may take longer to remove.

The No!No! Pro does not transfer any electric current to the body or use any light or radiation. The No!No! Pro is safe, but pregnant women need to consult a doctor before use.