What Are the Primary Ingredients in Paul Mitchell Products?

Primary ingredients for Paul Mitchell products typically include water, alcohol, cleanser and a humectant. The exact ingredients vary by product, and the brand provides ingredient lists through its customer support service.

The ingredients found in Paul Mitchell products depend on the purpose of the product and the line in which it's found. For instance, Shampoo One, a standard cleansing shampoo, includes water, sodium laureth sulfate and cocamide MEA. Most other Paul Mitchell shampoos include these ingredients, but other lines feature additional ingredients. For example, the Tea Tree line adds tea tree oil alongside the other main ingredients.

Paul Mitchell hair-care products include the standard line, Tea Tree line, Mitch line and pet line. The Tea Tree line is known for drawing blood to the scalp and making it tingle. The Mitch line is formulated especially for men's hairstyles.

Paul Mitchell also sells specialty products such as Awapuhi, Awapuhi Wild Ginger and Marulaoil. The Awapuhi Wild Ginger line includes water, cetearyl alcohol and the emollient isohexadecane as main ingredients alongside white ginger root extract.

Online retailers carrying Paul Mitchell products, such as DrugStore.com, may list included ingredients on an item's product description page. The bottles or packages for the products themselves may also name the ingredients.