What Are the Prices of the Forever Spring and Time Machine Products?

The original Time Machine skin care kit by Connie Stevens is discontinued but used kits are available at Ebay.com for approximately $170, as of 2015. The original Time Machine kit includes a handheld, battery-powered skin cleansing tool, and used models sell on Ebay.com for roughly $50.

Forever Spring merely refers to the brand name of skin and body care that Connie Stevens sells through her website ForeverSpring.com. Although the original Time Machine kit is no longer available, ForeverSpring.com features comparable kits and handheld cleansing devices.

The NuSonic skin cleansing tool is one such device. The NuSonic kit is a reiteration of Connie Stevens' beauty system and contains a charging cradle, rechargeable battery, brush heads and a bonus ginseng cleansing gel, as of 2015. The NuSonic is essentially a miniature exfoliating buffer.

There are four main categories of products at ForeverSpring.com, including skin care, cosmetics, bath and body, and hair care. Connie Stevens also sells fragrances, candles and potpourri. There are gifts and accessories as well, such as Connie Steven's recordings, picture frames, kitchen paraphernalia and designer tees.

Products range in price, from four-ounce bottles of shampoo for about $3 to the NuSonic skin cleansing kit for roughly $140. A pack of three replacement NuSonic brushes sells for roughly $13.