How Do You Find the Price of Tungsten Per Pound?


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The current market price of tungsten and its various alloys and concentrates can be found on several different websites, including Metal Prices, Tungsten Corp and the Metal Bulletin. The price of tungsten is volatile, so trending averages and graphs are used to indicate pricing.

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Unit specifications and the type of materials being quoted vary on each of these sites. Tungsten Corp's pricing data is in short ton units or metric ton units, and must be converted to pounds to determine per-pound pricing. Its data is for tungsten trioxide, not pure tungsten, so the amount of actual tungsten in a pound of the material is less than a pound. This must be factored into the per-pound pricing when using this site's information also.

Metal Prices offers per-pound pricing information, but requires a subscription to view any up-to-date information. Data from the previous year is available to the nonsubscriber for free. It also offers a historical database for tracking trends over time and some other features, such as current news and market snapshots.

The Metal Bulletin is a news and pricing information gathering service that also sells metals. Like Metal Prices, the Metal Bulletin requires a subscription to access its information archives. It has a very large range of pricing and market data regarding tungsten and many other metals.

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