What Is the Price Range for Super Bowl Replica Rings?

price-range-super-bowl-replica-rings Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The price range for Super Bowl replica rings is from $6.50 to $49.99, as of 2015. Super Bowl replica rings are made to resemble the original team's Super Bowl ring.

Each website dedicated to Super Bowl replica rings carries a variety of styles to choose from. FanFareSports.us offers exact replicas of each Super Bowl team's ring. AliExpress.com offers different variations of Super Bowl rings, including smaller versions ideal for female fans.

FanFareSports.us also sells replicas of World Series and Stanley Cup rings. AliExpress.com offers other products on their website such as professional basketball Championship team rings and Major League Baseball team rings. This site also offers other types of jewelry such as wedding sets and cocktail rings.