How Do You Prevent Sweating?

Prevent sweating by using the proper hygienic products, watching your diet and wearing the proper attire. Depending on the severity of the sweating, you may have to take additional precautions to stop the sweat.

Heat, intense emotions, a current medication or even an underlying medical condition may cause sweat. Shaving or waxing your body hair can effectively prevent sweating. Applying talcum powder or baking soda to your skin after bathing helps to ward off sweating and keeps you dry. You can also apply deodorant or an antiperspirant once in the morning and in the afternoon to stay perspiration-free throughout the day. You can safely apply an antiperspirant anywhere on your body that you sweat as long as your skin is not too sensitive.

Wearing loose-fitting clothing provides ventilation for your entire body, but avoid wearing multiple layers of clothing if you are prone to sweating. WebMD and Men's Fitness both state that avoiding spicy foods and caffeinated products can reduce sweating dramatically. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, consult a doctor for a stronger treatment. There are also powerful over-the-counter antiperspirants available at the local pharmacy that close the sweat follicles under your arm to prevent sweating from occurring.