How Do You Prevent and Reduce Eye Wrinkles?

prevent-reduce-eye-wrinkles Credit: B2M Productions/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Wearing sunscreen and sunglasses are two ways to prevent and reduce eye wrinkles because exposure to the sun is the primary cause of wrinkles. Other preventative actions include under-eye treatments, staying hydrated and avoiding waterproof makeup.

Another way to prevent wrinkles is to use high-quality under-eye treatment. Some eye treatments are designed to reduce puffiness and restore skin elasticity along with removing lines and wrinkles.

An additional cause of wrinkles under eyes is squinting, which can lead to grooves under the skin as do other repetitive facial movements. Therefore, reducing the amount of squinting can reduce undereye wrinkles.

Eating healthier foods also can reduce the amount of wrinkles that develop. Foods that are healthy for the skin include berries, fruits, vegetables, cocoa, and salmon. Staying hydrated keeps facial skin moister.

Sleeping on one's back is another simple trick to prevent wrinkles because it helps relax the face and prevents the face from chafing against the pillow. Sleeping on the side leads to wrinkles on the cheeks, and sleeping on the stomach causes crow's feet and furrowed brow lines.

Avoid the use of waterproof makeup, especially waterproof mascara. Such makeup is difficult to remove; removing it sometimes causes damage to the area under the eyes.