How Do You Prevent Hair Loss?


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Hair loss can be prevented by eating a healthy diet that provides nutrients essential for healthy hair. Additionally, hair loss can be prevented by using hairstyling techniques that don?t damage the hair, having good hair hygiene, treating underlying medical conditions and avoiding or using certain medications.

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Proper nutrition that provides adequate levels of vitamin B and iron is important for preventing hair loss. Research has also demonstrated that vitamin D may be useful for preventing hair loss. Blood tests can be used to reveal vitamin and mineral deficiencies that contribute to hair loss and the appropriate treatment. To prevent hair loss, underlying medical conditions such as anemia, hormonal imbalance and thyroid disease must be treated.

Good hair hygiene can prevent fungal infections that can cause hair loss. This involves not sharing hats, brushes or combs with others. Dandruff can contribute to an itchy scalp that can cause mild but reversible hair loss. Using medicated shampoos, lotions and steroid creams can help minimize itching due to dandruff. Hair loss can also be prevented by reducing heat and chemical stresses on the hair.

Certain medications such as minoxidil or finasteride may be beneficial for treating hair loss that is caused by hereditary-pattern baldness. However, some medications, such as certain antidepressants, acne drugs or steroids, should be avoided in order to prevent hair loss.

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