How Do You Prevent Gray Hair?

prevent-gray-hair Credit: Leland Bobbe/Image Source/Getty Images

There are no easy fixes to preventing gray hair. The age at which you start going gray is determined mainly by genes and your ethnicity. Gray hair is usually irreversible. However, you can check for vitamin deficiencies or try alternative medicine with your doctor's permission.

  1. Check with your doctor

    If you're concerned about getting gray hair, first check with your physician about possible thyroid disorders, as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism have been linked to premature graying. Also check for any vitamin deficiencies, especially B12, and the absorption of this vitamin in your system. Contrary to popular belief, gray hair is not connected to stress levels. Some research indicates, however, that smoking increases premature graying.

  2. Try alternative medicine

    Traditional Indian and Chinese herbal medicine practices deal with preventing gray hair. Check with your doctor before trying any of these remedies. Both methods are herb-based and are based on strengthening liver, kidney and blood function.

  3. Check out home remedies

    Many home remedies also claim to prevent gray hair. Products like coconut oil, Indian gooseberry or amla, blackstrap molasses and curry leaves reportedly reduce gray hair. While it may not be possible to completely stop gray hair from appearing, you can use a hair dye like henna which is natural and plant-based. This also potentially makes your hair healthier.