How Do You Prevent Dry Skin on Your Feet?

How Do You Prevent Dry Skin on Your Feet?

How Do You Prevent Dry Skin on Your Feet?

According to WebMD, dry skin on the feet, and the rest of the body, is caused when its natural protective layer is gone. To remedy this condition at home, adjust to a new skincare routine, make some lifestyle changes and exfoliate weekly. You'll need a pumice stone, a small container, a non-soap cleanser, white cotton socks and petroleum jelly.

  1. Develop a new skincare routine

    Stop taking long, hot showers and baths; hot water dehydrates your skin. After you bathe, pat your skin dry and moisturize with a product that contains petroleum jelly while your skin is moist to lock hydration in. Use a soap-free, or mild soap product to minimize irritation.

  2. Hydrate as part of your lifestyle

    Be sure to hydrate often. Aim to drink 8 glasses of water daily. Nourish your skin by regularly eating foods that contain essential fatty acids, like walnuts and salmon. Wear plastic sandals in the shower at the gym, to prevent fungal growth and infection.

  3. Remove dead skin

    Dead skin can't absorb moisture. Clear it before bedtime by soaking your feet for 10 minutes in a small container filled with mild, soapy water. Exfoliate your dry spots with a pumice stone. Pat your feet dry, slather them with petroleum jelly and wear white cotton socks to bed.