How Do You Get Pretty Feet and Painted Toes?


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To get pretty feet and painted toes, receive a pedicure at a spa from a licensed nail technician. Alternately, perform a pedicure at home. Soak feet in warm water with five drops of essential oil for 10 minutes before drying the feet and trimming the toenails. Swab a cotton ball soaked in polish remover over nails to clean them. Soak feet again in warm water and scrub them, especially at rough spots on the sole.

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Create an exfoliating foot scrub using grapeseed oil and sea salt. Massage the scrub into the feet to slough dead skin cells away, and then use a pumice stone to smooth away any remaining calloused areas. Rinse feet, and dry them before massaging lotion all over the feet and toes. After a few minutes, begin painting the toenails.

When clipping and shaping the toenails, trim the nail straight across, and file any rough edges. Use foam toe separators or cotton balls between the toes before applying polish. Start the polish brush at the cuticle in the center of the nail, and move to the end of the nail. Fill in the sides the same way. Apply two coats of color with at least three to four minutes between the coats, and then use a top coat to seal the color and add shine.

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