How Do You Press a Crease in Pants?


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Pressing a crease in a pair of pants involves making sure the inseam lines are laid perfectly on top of each other before pressing. Setting the iron to the right temperature for the fabric is crucial. The Art of Manliness points out that pants must be clean before pressing, or the heat from the iron is likely to set any stains permanently.

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How Do You Press a Crease in Pants?
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Before pressing the creases, the pocket linings, waistband and top of the pants should be pressed. The iron should be pressed into the pants by setting it down and lifting it up again, rather than running it along the fabric. To press the creases, the pants leg should be laid on top of the ironing board with the inseams lined up perfectly on top of each other in the center of the leg. The two edges of the pants on the ironing board are now going to be the creases. The very bottom of the pants leg should be pressed first, with creases formed on both sides. Next, the top of the leg should be pressed, again forming creases. Finally, the two creases should be pressed from bottom to top, starting with the front of the pants and ending with the rear crease. After finishing the crease, the rest of the pants leg should be ironed, and the process should be repeated with the other leg.

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