How Do You Prepare Recipes for Nail Polish?

How Do You Prepare Recipes for Nail Polish?

Create custom nail polish recipes by using a clear nail polish base, and then mixing in colored pigments or glitter or powdered mica. Crushed eye shadow is available in a wide variety of colors and works well in nail polish recipes.

Make glitter nail polish in any color by mixing small amounts of glitter into a bottle of clear nail polish until achieving the desired effect. Glitter is available in coarse and fine grades and many colors. Mix several different types to create a custom blend. Look for small foil shapes to add as well. Mix mica powder in clear nail polish or nail polish base for an opaque, pearlescent polish.

Crush leftover eye shadow pigments and mix them into clear nail polish to create custom colors. For best results, mix the pigments thoroughly in a separate container before stirring them into the nail polish.

Add iron filings to clear or colored nail polish to make magnetic nail polish. Paint the magnetic nail polish onto nails, and then use a magnet to drag the filings around the nail into unique patterns. Putting the magnet too close to the iron filings may pull them out of the polish. Experiment to find the distance that moves the filings without removing them.

Combine any of the above approaches to create a unique custom color.