Does Preparation H Remove Wrinkles?


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In the absence of clinical research, some people report that Preparation H helps lessen wrinkles, bags and puffiness around the eyes, as reported by Fox News. A key ingredient the early product included was a yeast derivative, but the U.S. manufacturer removed it from the formula in 1994.

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Does Preparation H Remove Wrinkles?
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Some people believe that phenylephrine causes blood vessels to constrict, which fans of the product claim reduces inflammation. Preparation H can cause irritation around the eyes, such as dry skin with inflammation, cautions Fox News.

The potential of successful wrinkle treatments tend to supported mainly by urban myth, according to Self magazine. The hydrocortisone in Preparation H may help temporarily help, but it is very harmful if it gets into the eyes, and the label cautions users not to use it around the eyes.

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