What Precautions Should You Take When Applying Hair Glaze at Home?


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When applying hair glaze at home, be sure to use latex gloves to prevent damage to the skin. Additionally wear an old shirt, or use a towel to protect clothing from dripping glaze. It's also important to ensure that hair is tangle-free when applying the glaze, as failing to do so will make the application uneven.

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The hair glaze should be applied after the hair has been parted into sections to ensure even distribution. Additionally, the glaze should be applied slightly below the roots, rather than directly on them. Roots have their own natural shine due to the oil that hair produces, so treating this section of the hair is not necessary. The glaze should set for at least 30 minutes before the hair is shampooed and conditioned to ensure that it has sufficient time to process. If desired heat can be applied during this time, either via a shower cap that utilizes the body's own warmth, or with gentle heat from a blow dryer to help lock in the glaze.

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