What Are the Precautions for Drysol Antiperspirant?

The main precaution to take when using Drysol antiperspirant is to ensure that the user is not allergic to aluminium chloride. Other precautions include informing a doctor or pharmacist if pregnant or breastfeeding before use and being cautious with application, as the medication may cause damage to other materials or metals with which it comes into contact.

The main ingredient in Drysol for combating hyperhidrosis, or excessive perspiration, is aluminum chloride. Allergies to this can cause both mild and severe symptoms, ranging from itching or rash at the site of application to dizziness and swelling of the face or throat.

Pregnant women should only use Drysol when absolutely necessary and after discussion with a doctor, as it is not known whether the aluminium chloride can cause harm to the unborn baby. Similarly, a woman who is breastfeeding should consult with a doctor prior to using Drysol, as it is not known whether the medication passes through the breast milk.

Materials and metals should not come into contact with Drysol as damage may occur. The application site must be completely dry and covered with a tee shirt, plastic wrap, gloves, socks or a shower cap to prevent any transfer. Individuals must avoid using Drysol near an open flame.