What Is a Praying Hands Tattoo?


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The praying hands are a style of tattoo that typically has spiritual significance. Individuals who choose this body art often do so as a tribute to a loved one or their faith. Praying hands tattoos can also serve as an expression of a person's trust in God.

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What Is a Praying Hands Tattoo?
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The hands also represent a hard time or trial that a person has overcome through prayer. Others choose a tattoo of praying hands as a way to lift their spirits and avoid depression. This style of tattoo is popular among parents, as the image is a symbol of guidance and protection. Many parents get the tattoo once following the birth of a child, and some children choose the tattoo as a way to emphasize the bond between them and their parents.

Albrecht Durer created the image of the praying hands as a gift to the mayor of Frankfort in the 15th century. The hands were inspired by Durer's brother's hands. Both Durer and his brother were artists, but their family flipped a coin to determine which brother the family would financially support. Albrecht won, and the image served as a tribute to his brother who never had the opportunity to pursue his art.

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