Is It Possible to Use Salt to Set Dyes in Fabric?

Salt can be used to set dyes in fabric by adding it to the dye bath. Around 1 cup of salt should be used to help set in the dye.

The salt can be added before the fabrics are placed in the dye bath, or it can be reserved until after the fabrics have been soaking. If users add the salt after adding the fabric, they should wait until the fabric has been soaking for several minutes.

A cup of white vinegar or a tablespoon of laundry detergent can also be added to the dye bath to help enhance the dyeing process if salt is not available.

Though dying can be done in a washing machine, a dye bath works better for most fabrics. When using store bought dye, the instructions on the packaged should be followed. When dying any fabric, the longer it soaks in the dye, the more color it will have. Using hot water also helps the dye set into the fabric. Users should note that wet clothing appears darker than the true color. After dyeing the fabric, it should be rinsed in warm water until the water turns clear. It can then be washed with warm or cold water as normal.