How Is It Possible to Shrink Stretched Leather Shoes?

To shrink stretched leather shoes, pretreat the shoes with leather protectant, soak the shoes with water, dry the shoes and apply leather softener. You need a leather protectant, water, spray bottle, towel, hair or clothes dryer, and leather softener.

  1. Pretreat shoes with leather protectant

    Clean the shoes, and pretreat them with the protectant to help prevent discoloration and scratches. Allow shoes to dry completely before continuing the task.

  2. Soak leather with water

    Fill the spray bottle with water. Spray the leather upper part of the shoes until they are thoroughly soaked through with water. Towel off the water on the surface of the shoes.

  3. Dry the shoes

    Dry the shoe with a hair dryer. Use the lowest heat setting possible or the air-dry setting. Keep the shoes at least 6 inches away from the nozzle of the hair dryer throughout the drying time. A clothes dryer set on the lowest heat setting, or on air-dry, can also be used to dry the shoes, but drying with a hair dryer allows much better control of the drying process. Allow the shoes to cool and completely dry.

  4. Apply a leather softener

    Apply a leather softening product to the shoes after they have dried. A leather softener helps to restore the shoes and prevent cracks in the leather.