What Are Some Possible Bikini Malfunctions?


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Some common bikini malfunctions to watch out for are spillage, see-through material, not enough coverage, visible hair and total loss of the bikini in water. Most of these problems can occur with bikini sets that are not a proper fit to the wearer's body type.

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Bikini malfunctions are wardrobe problems that often occur with tiny, two-piece swimsuits that many women wear during the summer. They can result in embarrassing exposure of private body parts. Bikinis are prone to malfunctions primarily because customers often do not try them out before purchasing, such as when buying online.

Common malfunctions can be avoided by trying on the bikini prior to buying. Consider stores that sell bikini tops and bottoms individually to ensure that both the top and bottom are the proper size. Also, look for dark colors and thick material to prevent the bikini from becoming see-through when wet.

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