What Are Some Popular Ways to Style a Bob?


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Popular ways to style a bob include shaping bangs or pinning fake bangs to the hair. Simple accessories also enhance the look, as does parting the hair or adding curls or waves.

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Blunt bangs that rest just below the eyebrows can give a bob a more modern look. The length requires management, but it is easy to pull the bangs back with a thick headband. A headband also works for someone trying to grow her bangs out while maintaining the bob shape and cut. Adjusting the headband at the base of the hairline eliminates static and gives the hair a smooth appearance. Another way to alter the style is to pin fake bangs to a bob. A pin or barrette can hook the fake hair in place and serve as a stylish accessory.

Parting the hair down the middle gives a bob haircut the look of new angles and more volume. To create a classic look, women can create pin curls around the head just below the ears. Alternatively, rolling parted hair in rollers adds waves to the bob that just require some hairspray to keep in place. A curling iron also creates spiral waves, and a finishing spray or salt spray adds texture to the hair.

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