What Are Some Popular Urban Hairstyles?


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Some popular urban hairstyles include twists, cornrows and dreadlocks. These styles are popular with African-Americans who create the styles with both natural hair as well as extensions.

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Twists take sections of hair split into two parts that are twisted around each other down the length of the hair. Twists can last one week or more, though they tend to puff up over time.

Cornrows are created by braiding the hair very closely to the scalp to create straight lines or geometric designs. Rows can be left in for several weeks if the hair is properly washed and the scalp cleaned. Both men and women wear cornrows. Some add beads to the ends of the cornrows.

Dreadlocks are matted ropes of hair that are different than braids or twists. Dreadlocks, or dreads, tend to form naturally in neglected hair, particularly for those of African-American descent. However, dreads have become increasingly popular, and many people follow strict regimens to get their hair to form dreads and to maintain the style.

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