What Are Some Popular Types of Drawstring Bags?

What Are Some Popular Types of Drawstring Bags?

Popular types of drawstring bags include polyester, nylon and polypropylene. Other options for drawstring bags are cotton and mesh. They can be purchased with logos or bought plain to be customized.

Polyester drawstring bags are popular because of their affordable price and sporty look. They are UV-resistant and functional in various weather conditions. Polyester bags are designed to withstand mild abuse, and they are commonly used by hikers.

Nylon drawstring bags are durable and can carry more weight than most drawstring bags. They are a popular choice of advertisement with both small and large businesses, as logos are easily printed on the nylon.

Polypropylene drawstring bags are most commonly sold in grocery stores as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. While they are light, they have the capacity to handle medium-sized grocery loads.

Cotton drawstring bags are also available in grocery stores as plastic bag alternatives. They are more durable than polypropylene bags and capable of handling heavier grocery loads. Many consider cotton drawstring bags more stylish than others.

Mesh drawstring bags are used by businesses or entrepreneurs to advertise their brands. While they are available in large, customizable sizes, they are more often seen in smaller sizes. Small versions are ideal for crafts, wedding favors or small thank you gifts.