What Are Some Popular Types of Antique Avon Jewelry?

What Are Some Popular Types of Antique Avon Jewelry?

Popular types of antique and vintage Avon jewelry include clip-on earrings, statement necklaces, large brooches and stud earrings. Vintage jewelry sellers such as Sweet & Spark reveal that Avon pieces from the 1970s and 1980s are popular among collectors. While most vintage Avon jewelry isn't particularly valuable, some pieces, such as rhinestone brooches from the company's Elizabeth Taylor collection, can sell for more than their original cost on the collectible market.

Popular statement brooches and pins from Avon sometimes feature animal shapes such as cats, poodles and elephants. Many Avon brooch styles feature rhinestones. In the 1970s, the company introduced perfumed locket brooches often decorated with cameos.

Avon also featured a variety of clip-on earring styles in the 1970s, including Girly Swirl Clips, Button Clips and 2n1 Hoop Clips. Vintage jewelry collectors without pierced ears may favor styles such as these for their ease of wear and classic styling.

Avon's statement necklaces are also popular among collectors. These pieces often include large focal pendants featuring gemstones or unusual shapes. Avon also manufactured perfume necklaces designed to hold a small amount of the wearer's favorite scent.

Traveling salesman David McConnell began Avon in 1886. Originally a book seller, McConnell offered his female customers free perfume samples. When the samples became more popular than his books, McConnell changed his sales focus and began recruiting female representatives to sell his perfumes. The Avon line eventually expanded to include cosmetics, jewelry, gifts and other items.